Stone Walls

Our masons can take hammer and chisel to any stone and bring it to life. We work with all types of mediums including but not limited to River Round walls, thin and thick Bluestone, PA stone, Sandstone, Brownstone, quartz, granite, etc. We treat each application as a unique one. Sometimes the walls call for a vertical element to break up the horizontal lines, sometimes the applications calls for a more linear approach. Not all walls are in need of formal capstone, one of the many items we recommend is a mosaic top. What ever way we decide to build your stonewalls, be rest assured it will be built to last, whether it is an ornamental sitting wall or a structural retaining wall.

Precast Walls

Precast walls are a great way to get an engineered wall that is visual appealing, yet fool proof and with today’s manufacturing, techniques (Tumbling and Naturalizing they have really gotten away from the old industrial look like the back of a factory, We often use them in residential application. One of the more recent advancement made in Pre Cast wall systems is the ability to mix sizes, blend colors and break up horizontal line. Precast walls have proven to be great economical solutions to hand tooled stone walls.

Outdoor Kitchens Blogs

Paver vs. Natural Stone Patio

Which one is the best choice for you? I could put up a strong argument for either in the New Jersey area. First, let’s look at paver patios. Probably the most common patio type in Bergen county are paver patios. This is simply because they are reasonably priced as...

What is Veneer?

Veneer stone is a thin usually 2" -4" slice of any type of stone or brick. It is mainly applied to concrete block walls or ply wood exteriors or interiors of homes. Stone veneer is a great product as it gives us the ability to make any wall or step rise look like it...

Summer Patio Planning in January

Prepare For Your Patio Project It's hard to believe that we’re thinking about Hardscapes in January! This is the perfect time to get your brain thinking and start planning for your installation come spring. The more prepared you are, the better and quicker the...

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