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Our garden crew will come either once a week or every other week to clean up your beds, weed, edge, trim shrubs and dead head perennials. This crew will also install and maintain seasonal plants and flowers.

The best way to enhance a garden is to have a clear cut edge along lawn and obviously weed free. These are the basics of garden maintenance, moving on from there, planting a perennial flower overlay is crucial for color throughout the year as well as adding texture and depth to the garden (perennials are flowering plants generally ground cover to 36″ in height depending on variety that come up every year). Beyond that we would add annual flowers (need to be planted every year) and/or garden sculptures or rock formations for interest. Really, garden enhancement is only limited by your imagination. We used old doors on one clients property that looked really amazing and on another property we used a crane to plant large angular rocks sticking 15-20 ft out of the ground.

Garden And Bed Blogs

Winter Landscaping

Winter inevitably will bear its colder temperatures on our New Jersey gardens soon, and we will be left feeling that any evidence of life and vibrant color are gone. We at Arapahoe Landscape Design just can’t let that happen, just because the weather is cold and...

Protect your plants!

All of the hard work you’ve put into your garden since spring has cost you time and money. Keep your investment protected by protecting your plants through the winter. If you don’t protect them during the cold weather months you will be disappointed if they do not...

Fall Décor for your front porch

Looking to make your home beautiful this fall? Although the pretty colors of spring and summer are gone, it doesn’t mean your home has to be bare, consider these top ideas to make your yard or front porch turn heads. Decorate with corn husks or stalks. A beautiful...

Your new favorite shrub: Boxwood

Looking for a highly deer resistant shrub to add to your landscape design? How about a Boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens)? Boxwoods are one of our favorite shrubs to work with here at Arapahoe Landscape Contractors, and we think they will become one of your favorites too by...

Time to Renovate your Lawn

It’s time to renovate your lawn after the drought this summer brought to the New Jersey area. The drought took a toll on lawns throughout the state, which means that work needs to be done now to prepare for next year. September and October are the perfect time to give...

Landscaping a Sloped Yard

Landscaping a sloped yard seems like a difficult task. Homeowners step back and look at their sloping yard and think that there is no way to design a working landscape. We’re here to tell those people not to lose hope. Designing a sloping landscaping is actually fun...

Low Water Use Landscaping

Rainfall shortages and the prolonged days of high heat are causing water restrictions in some areas such as Rockland County. As of 07/21/2016, Rockland County Executive Ed Day has put a Stage 2 water emergency into effect to cut back water use in homes and businesses...

Smart Technology for your Landscape   

These days, technology is everywhere and is constantly being used to help simplify our lives. We use our phones for our daily calendar, alarm clock, emails and even to control our thermostats indoors. Are you using your smartphone technology to the max for your...

LED Lighting for pools and landscapes

LED lighting is widely known for its low energy consumption. Many people are switching over to LED lighting wherever they can to lower their energy usage. Have you thought about applying this thought to your pool or landscaping design? When thinking about your pool,...

Curb Appeal

It’s important to many homeowners to create a statement with curb appeal. If you’ve recently bought a new home or are looking to give your home a facelift, this is a great place to start. Driving through Bergen county, there are certain homes that stand out as...

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